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Dust Extractors

Working in an environment that deals with wood machinery causes a lot of harmful dust, – without the implementation of a dust extractor – is exceedingly negative to both the tidiness of your work station and the health of your workers.

Here at Kendal Tools, we understand the importance of this and strive to supply the best quality dust extractors to a variety of industries, allowing you to operate at an optimised level consistently. Saving time and creating a tidier workspace to conduct your business to a cleaner finish, without any errors, thanks to dust extraction.

Even our small models of dust extractors have easy to remove large-capacity dust bags, allowing you to get rid of excess amounts of dust and debris for a prolonged period of time – which is very important if you’re working in a high output environment.

Many of the dust collectors can be fitted with a cartridge filter to filter the fine particle dust down to 0.05 microns. With a wide variety of load sizes and different powered motors, you can buy a dust extractor that’s suited to your particular needs – it’s pointless struggling with a larger dust extractor when you’re only a small organisation.

Contact us here today at Kendal Tools to discuss your choice of dust extractor and whether it’s suitable to the individual requirements of your business’ output. With our extensive experience, we can be on hand to suggest the ideal model of dust extractor for you.

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  • 01923 SIP 50Ltr Dust & chip collector with five step nozzel 230volt

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  • 01932 SIP 1HP Single Bag Dust Collector

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  • 01952 SIP Dust Extractor 1hp Motor

  • 01954 sip dust collector 3hp motor

  • 01956 Four Bag Dust Collector 3hp motor 230volt

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  • Draper DE750A dust/ chip collector 750watt motor 13amp 230volt (79359) (Copy)

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  • Draper DE1500 dust/ chip collector 1500watt motor 13amp 230volt (80946)

  • Draper DE2200 Twin Bag Dust Extractor 2200watt motor (80947)

  • Charnwood DC50 Fine Filter Dust Extractor

  • Charnwood DC50AUTO Fine Filter Dust Extractor With Automatic Start Socket 230volt

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  • W685 Wall Mounted Extractor

  • W685KIT Hose & dust hood kit

    W685KIT Hose & dust hood kit

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  • W685P Wall mounted dust extractor package deal with W685KIT hose & dust hood kit

    From: £198.99Inc. VAT
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  • Charnwood W691 Large Workshop Extractor

  • Charnwood W691CF 2HP Single Bag Dust Extractor with Cartridge Filter Package

  • Charnwood W791 Professional Extractor 240v

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  • W791CF 2hp Professional Dust Extractor 1500w, 240v with Cartridge Filter Package

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  • Charnwood W791/3 Professional Dust Extractor 3phase

    From: £599.99Inc. VAT
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  • Charnwood W692 Two Bag Large Workshop Extractor 3hp Motor 230volt

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  • W692CF 3hp Dust Extractor With 1 Micron Cartridge Filters 230volt

  • W792 Professional Dust Extractor 2200w, 240v

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  • W792/3 Professional Dust Extractor 2200w, 3 phase

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  • Charnwood W696 Dust Collector with Floor Sweeping Attachment

  • W696CF Dust Extractor With 1 Micron Cartridge Filter

  • W796 Portable Dust Extractor 1hp motor

  • Charnwood W796CF Dust Extractor With 1 Micron Cartridge Filter

  • CF1519 Cartridge Filter 1 Micron for 370mm Diameter Drums suitable for W696 & W796 dust extractors.

  • CF2024 Cartridge Filter 1 Micron for 500mm Diameter Drums Suitable for W691,W692,W791 & W792 Dust Extractors

  • Fox F50-841 Dust extractor 1hp motor

  • Fox F50-842 2hp Dust extractor

    Fox F50-842 Dust extractor 2hp motor

  • Fox F50-843 Twin Bag Extractor 3hp motor

    From: £319.99Inc. VAT
  • ZIPPER-ASA55OE Chip/ Dust Extractor

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