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Scheppach Woova 3.0 Dust Extractor


Woova 3.0 dust extractor


Woova 3.0 Dust collector delivered to your door FREE DELIVERY

Scheppach Woova 3.0 Dust collector.

Choosing the right extractor is not as simple as it may seem. In fact some machines could be more accuratley described as dust “distributors”. Both the Woova 3.0 and Woova 3.0 with fine filter cartridge models from Scheppach not only extract with the utmost efficiency but they also filter dust particle to volume of 1000m3 per hour. A most efficient propeller system blows shavings and dust through the separation system where the course particles are directed to a plastic collection bag. Newly cleaned air is then returned to the workshop area through the filter system. This recycling also means great savings in heating costs. More filtration, more performance, more clean air. It is possible to increase the extration performance of the Woova 3.0 even further by installing the special filter cartridge. This easy to clean unit retains even the smallest dust particles and improves air circulation as a result of its large filter surface. This system can filter particles to 0.5microns, providing a clean dust free workshop environment.


  • Dimensions : 640x490x1880mm
  • Air capicity : 1000m3/h,1/sec
  • Filtration: 0.5 micron
  • Filling capacity : 80litres
  • Hose length : 2000mm
  • Hose dia : 100mm
  • Noise level: 75dB (A)
  • Motor : 0.6kw (0.8hp) 230volt
  • Weight: 30kg.
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